Ghouls and Goblins, one of my favorite niches of all time would have to be horror. From movies & shows to themes and the aesthetic itself, I love it. The presentation of terror and fear in a unique and entertaining way has always been of my interest. I have a million “dream jobs”, but one would have to be directing a horror-themed show, or owning a haunted house. I used to go to the House Of Torment all the time as a teen, and even if it doesn’t scare me like it used to, the experience and atmosphere always make it a good time.

On my home page, I mentioned that I’m currently into a band called Motionless In White. Something I find super unique about them is that they’ve done a really good job tying horror into their songs and image. Their concerts not only have a vibrant yet dark aesthetic, they’re always dressed in black or grunge costumes with painted faces. Much of their merch portrays the horror aesthetic, and they have fantastic Halloween collaborations and shows.

I haven’t been religously into a show for a while now, but one show that captures horror extremeley well is American Horror Story, hence the name. I’ve recently started to throw it on when I’m in the mood and although it’s not the most captivating, glued to your seat show, the camera work and props are just next level. The entire series has done such great job mixing everything frightening and disturbing. The show has also entered double digits with seasons, so there’s always something new and spooky.