I guess when it comes down to it, I have a slight caffeine addiction. I used to think people talked about caffeine addictions for comedic purposes, but now I know all too well they were not joking. I’m not gonna get into the science behind withdrawals and caffeine, getting headaches every day when I don’t have caffeine is enough for me to know my body relies on it. It’s funny that I wanna live a life of fitness and health but can’t get through the day without caffeine, and on top of that choose the worst source, energy drinks. But I like to make light of situations, so let me talk about my favorite ones.

Bang was the first energy drink I ever really got hooked on. They have such a variety of flavors, like seriously, over 40 flavors. Now as any normal person would, I was on a quest to try them all. At the peak of my Bang addiction, I was having one every single day before my shift first thing in the morning. Not a healthy breakfast. Eventually, I realized that consuming an energy drink every day was probably not the best thing for my heart, so I cut myself off.

Unfortunately, my break was short-lived. I made the poor decision to pick up Monster as my next energy drink addiction. Don’t get me wrong, the regular Monsters taste horrid, but the zero sugar ones are something else, better than Bang. Although, Monster has limited flavors when in comparison to Bang. All in all, the caffeine rush, the zero calories, and the placebo effect of energy I think I’m getting, always bring me to purchase another one.